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Find a few testimonials from our students on their experiences at _heci

Erasmus stay in Riga

«  I had always felt like living abroad but had never dared to do it. Erasmus was an ideal opportunity for me and has enabled me to get out of my comfort zone. Speaking a foreign language every day can be a little unsettling at the start, but I quickly adapted and progress were fast to come. As for extra curricula activities, the Erasmus programme is very enriching as it enables to meet different cultures and nationalities from around the world. At first, I had thought I would meet people but I had not imagined I would make genuine friends. As well as friends, we make unforgettable trips. During my Erasmus mobility in Riga, I was lucky enough to discover the Finnish Lapland which remains my best trip so far. As Erasmus students, we live baffling experiences that really need to be experienced.”

Gary B., IDM 1

Erasmus stay in Dublin

We have discovered a very lively city and friendly Irish people. At Dublin Business School, time is split between courses, reports to write and numerous group works. We are a large group of French students in class but professors often give us the opportunity to speak English, which is the main aim of our stay. The Irish landscapes are wonderful ! We have enough free time to visit the city and its surroundings. We will certainly miss the cliffs and the wide landscapes. We very quickly got used to the local habits which are more or less different from our French ones as we are now fans of the Irish beer which is drunk at whatever time of day. We certainly don’t regret choosing this destination!”

Astrid R. et Floriane G., IDM 1

Testimonial from IDM2 student ,class 2016

“I will always remember this year of Bachelor “Import Export Zone Manger at _heci. I had a thirst for learning and that year, I got my share. Just at the entry of a master’s degree and owing to my professional ambitions, it was no question for me to leave the vessel ! _heci offered us a multitude of destinations for our 4th year abroad. Without any doubts, I chose Argentina and Turkey for the IDM1. During the 5th year, here we go again for another year in alternating courses. A 2015-2016 class of students who were just wonderful, endless hours working on our reports and notably on theMaster’s thesis. The final thesis at _heci is a very difficult exercise in which no concession are made, we have to prove we deserve our diploma. Today, I have just ended a fixed-term contract I had signed right after graduating, to start my own international event company. And I had the wonderful surprise to learn my Master’s thesis would be published by the Éditions Universitaires Européennes (European University Press). That is the most wonderful end of studies ! In a nutshell, I would like to thank _heci for always demanding more from us but also for making me feel I amply deserve my diploma “

Hiem, student in IDM2 class 2016

Testimonial from a IDM2 student, class 2017

«  It’s been now 2 months since I graduated from the IDM International Development Manager at _heci La Salle. This success is the result of 5 years of studies in international trade within this school. I started with a HED including 3 internships, then I carried on with a Bachelor’s degree on  alternating courses in a very famous company of the CAC40 ( group Seb, not to mention them). Then I headed for Austria for an Erasmus+ year full of experience and learning. My studies ended with a Bac+5 still on alternating courses in a company working in the defense industry. We must recognize that this programme truly leads to employment with 3 years of work experience acquired over my 5 years of studies. This experience has enabled me to find a job as I signed a Internationl Volunteer in Business (IVB) in Germany even before being graduated. I now have a position of export manager for a SME in the plastics industry. This success is notably due to the serious and expertise of the teachers and professionals at _heci as well as the quality of teaching, which have made a 18 year old trainee turn into a 24 year old executive ready to have  responsibilities.”

Anne-Sophie, IDM 2 class 2017

undergraduate programme (years 1&2)

HED in international trade

graduate programme (year3)

Bachelor Import export Zone Manager Title certified RNCP level II

Graduate programme (year 5)

International development Manager IDM2 Title certified RNCP level I

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