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Erasmus Charter

_heci Réseau La Salle has signed the Erasmus+ charter. This is proof of  the school’s strong  commitment to developing the international aspect of its programmes. This charter makes  foreign mobilities for  students, teachers and staff easier. For students , these exchanges increase their employability and enable them to  validate their competences at a European level. Therefore in the European  ECTS credit transfer system, students at _heci on outgoing mobilities need to obtain a minimum of 30 ECTS credits per semester while spending their semester abroad.

undergraduate programme (years 1&2)

HED in international trade

graduate programme (year3)

Bachelor Import export Zone Manager Title certified RNCP level II

Graduate programme (year 5)

International development Manager IDM2 Title certified RNCP level I

Studying in Saint Etienne

_heci Reseau La Salle is a business school located in the centre of Saint Etienne in France....
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