Campus La Salle
Postgraduate programme

Master’s level – Year 1 – International Development Manager (Level I CNCP approved)

Student's profiles

- Graduate with a Bachelor degree in Import-Export Zone Manager
- Graduate with a similar European diploma (180 ECTS credits)
- We welcome applications from professionals wishing to validate experience

Duration of the programme

August-September to April-July


_ heci Partner schools or universities


_heci Reseau La Salle offers students an opportunity to open fully onto the world with a full year of studies abroad. The Master’s level – Year 1 – International development Manager is a unique experience. It is open to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in international trade or any other diploma granting 180 ECTS credits. This programme is carried out abroad within the network of _heci partner schools and universities. The partners are selected based on the quality of their programmes and the close relationship with the La Salle network.


_heci international partners


  • Gain a real experience in total immersion abroad
  • Benefit from quality programmes offered by _heci partners
  • Follow different modules in foreign languages


  • One full year abroad with 2 options : 1 full year abroad at 1 or 2 _heci partner schools or 1 semester at one partner school and 1 semester of internship abroad.
  • A strong network of European and non-European partners
  • A quality programme to deepen knowledge in international management
  • An Erasmus+ grant to help in the funding of the year abroad.

Targeted occupations

Further studies

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