Campus La Salle
undergraduate programme (year 3)

Bachelor Import Export Manager

Student's profiles

- Be graduated with a HED in international trade or similar 2-year post –A level programme
- Have a European diploma certifying 120 ECTS credits (with a possibility to follow upgrading modules in international trade)
- Be an export assistant for 3 years at least
- As part of a validation of prior experience for professionals eligible to this programme

Duration of the programme

From September to mid-July (internship contract) or end of August (professionalisation contract)


La Salle Campus in Saint Etienne’s city centre


The Bachelor is a 3 year post A-level diploma aiming at international trade in  a vocational course. At La Salle EMCI, the Bachelor trains specialists in international trade: import-export zone managers, international buyers, international product managers or export sales representatives working in SMEs or large groups.

The Bachelor “ Import Export Zone Manager” is recognized and taught on other sites:

  • Saint-Charles at Saint Pierre on the  Réunion Island, La Salle network
  • Lycée Saint Aspais in Melun
  • The bachelor « Import Export Zone Manager at La Salle EMCI is a vocational degree of excellence to become a specialist in international trade.
  • A programme which integrates students in the professional world: either on a professionalisation contract or on a 6-month internship.
  • Teaching based on the different export marketing strategies, on the management of an export or import zone or on understanding the geopolitical context.
  • Learning of several foreign languages to ensure a perfect command of professional communication whatever the context.


  • A gateway to the working life or to further higher education in Cycle Master or Master in the best schools.
  • A network of over 800 graduates all working in internationally-active companies
  • Excellent results : 100% success rate for the last three graduating classes.
  • A quality teaching staff with professional specialists in international trade

Targeted occupations

  • Import or export zone manager
  • International product manager
  • International buyer
  • Export sales representative

Further studies

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