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undergraduate programme (year 1 & 2)

BTS 2 year diploma in International Trade

With 12 weeks of internships minimum, among which 4 abroad, the HED in international trade offers a short and vocational course which is very appreciated by...
postgraduate programme (year 5)

Master’s level – Year 2 – International development Manager

La Salle EMCI offers a 5th year post A-level programme of excellence in the international trade sector : the IDM 2 Manager of International Development. This...
postgraduate programme (year 4)

Master’s level – Year 1 – International Development Manager

La Salle EMCI offers students an opportunity to open fully onto the world with a full year of studies abroad. The Master's level - Year 1...
undergraduate programme (year 3)

Bachelor Import Export Manager

The Bachelor is a 3 year post A-level diploma aiming at international trade in  a vocational course. At La Salle EMCI, the Bachelor trains specialists in...

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Studying in Saint Etienne

La Salle EMCI is a business school located in the centre of Saint Etienne in France. Located...
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