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Campus La Salle


La Salle EMCI offers a full 5 year programme in international trade from a 2-year undergraduate diploma to a Masters degree. Open on the world, the curriculum at La Salle EMCI enables students to follow a global programme of excellence within a human sized business school.

Offering quality teaching

Taught by professionals specialised in their fields, the courses are characterized by new academic methods where the student works with quality tools. La Salle EMCI curriculum is based on a top quality academic content.

Vocational training throughout the programme

While at La Salle EMCI, each student benefits from the strong ties created by the school with the business world. Thanks to internships and sandwich courses, studies at La Salle EMCI are a true gateway to employment. Choosing to study at La Salle EMCI is the guarantee to gain real professional experience which will be greatly appreciated by recruiters. Proof lies in the figures at the end of their studies: almost 100% of La Salle EMCI graduates find a position immediately, whatevever their level of studies.

An internationally-oriented programme

The strength of the school lies in its international dimension.

By emphasizing the learning of several foreign languages and the techniques of international trade operations, students at La Salle EMCI are trained to become fully operational in a company. Learning is carried out in an international environment, thanks to numerous exchanges with partner schools and universities from around the world.

Students gain experience on foreign markets thanks to an 8-week internship in their first year of studies and 2 full semesters of academic exchange and internship abroad in their 4th year.

Following studies at La Salle EMCI is to join a business school of excellence making employability easy with a large opening onto the world.

undergraduate programme (year 3)

Bachelor Import Export Manager

postgraduate programme (year 4)

Master’s level – Year 1 – International Development Manager

postgraduate programme (year 5)

Master’s level – Year 2 – International development Manager

Studying in Saint Etienne

La Salle EMCI is a business school located in the centre of Saint Etienne in France. Located...
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