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Campus La Salle

International strategy

La Salle EMCI is an international business school of excellence. For 15 years the school has been committed to further international expansion with numerous partnerships, first in neighbouring countries, then throughout Europe thanks to the Erasmus+ programme and now on other continents. With a complete curriculum from a BTS Diploma (2 year Undergraduate Diploma) to a Masters Programme (Postgraduate Diploma), La Salle EMCI offers each student an international programme tailored to their expectations and needs with numerous experiences abroad.

Each student at La Salle EMCI acquires a solid international experience as part of their curricula thanks to internships or semesters of studies abroad during the 5 years of their studies. La Salle EMCI graduates stand out on the labour market thanks to their international profiles.

A programme built around international development

La Salle EMCI trains students according to the real needs of companies in terms of international strategy. Thanks to their versatility, La Salle EMCI graduates are competent and appreciated employees.

True specialists of international trade, their employability is guaranteed.

Command of several languages

One of the key assets of the teaching at La Salle EMCI is the intensive learning of foreign languages. With courses mainly taught by native teachers, English and other foreign languages are taught for daily use in the business world. By preparing various language tests (TOEIC, DELE, WIDAF,CELI) notably with lessons, conferences, round tables in English and other foreign languages, students validate their progress and are well prepared to be fully operational in the business world.

A network of famous partner universities

The strength of La Salle EMCI also lies in its network of foreign partners. Spread all around the world, these schools or universities are recognized for their academic excellence. During the first year of the Masters Programme, each student goes abroad to live a unique experience in one or two countries of their choice for academic exchange and/or internship. This network keeps growing each year in Europe thanks to the Erasmus+ programme and outside Europe (South America, North America, Asia…). Each partner is selected for their values fitting with those conveyed at La Salle EMCI.

Télécharger liste partenaires Etrangers 23-24

Germany Westfälische Hochschule – Gelsenkirchen
Argentina Universidad Blas Pascal – Cordoba
Austria Klagenfurt Universität
Belgique EPHEC – Bruxelles
Brésil Evangelical University of Goias -Anapolis
Canada CENTENNIAL College-Toronto
South Korea Dankook University – Yongin
Croatia University of Osijek
Denmark University College of Northern Denmark – Aalborg
Spain Universidad de Leon

Campus La Salle Barcelona

The USA Presbyterian College – Charlottesville
Hungary University of Debrecen
India Symbiosis University – Pune
Indonesia Warmadewa University – Bali
Ireland Dublin Business School and European Business School

Griffith College – Dublin

Italy Universita Degli Studi di Trento
Latvia Riga Technical University
Madagascar Institut Supérieur de la Communication, des Affaires et du Management – Antananarivo
Mexico Universidad La Salle Mexico
The Netherlands Avans Hogeschool – Breda
Portugal Universidad do Minho – Braga
Philippines DSLU – Manila
Taiwan MCUT Ming Chi University of Technology – Taipei
Thailande Kasetsart University – Bangkok
Turkey Cag University – Mersin
undergraduate programme (year 3)

Bachelor Import Export Manager

postgraduate programme (year 4)

Master’s level – Year 1 – International Development Manager

postgraduate programme (year 5)

Master’s level – Year 2 – International development Manager

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