Nos formations sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicap. Un entretien avec notre référente handicap permettra de connaître vos besoins et d'adapter nos modalités d'enseignement selon votre situation
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Become a partner

Becoming a partner of La Salle EMCI and Ensemble scolaire La Salle Saint Etienne is to work with a school of excellence. Firmly established in its territory, La Salle network supports companies in their future success.

Several means exist to support Ensemble scolaire La Salle.

Choose sponsorship

Each year, Ensemble scolaire La Salle leads important projects such as building refurbishment. Owing to the amounts involved, calls for private support are necessary to carry out these initiatives. By making a donation to one of these projects, companies can benefit from an advantageous tax reduction. Please do not hesitate to contact us to talk about this action in favour of the educational development of Ensemble scolaire la Salle.

Advertise in our yearly brochure

A further means to support La Salle EMCI is to become an advertiser in the yearly review. Largely aimed at families, local stakeholders, officials and company managers, this press release offers a unique visibility to a qualified audience. A truly targeted external communication tool.

undergraduate programme (year 3)

Bachelor Import Export Manager

postgraduate programme (year 4)

Master’s level – Year 1 – International Development Manager

postgraduate programme (year 5)

Master’s level – Year 2 – International development Manager

Studying in Saint Etienne

La Salle EMCI is a business school located in the centre of Saint Etienne in France. Located...
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