Campus La Salle
postgraduate programme (year 5)

Master’s level – Year 2 – International development Manager

Student's profiles

-A validated first year of IDM International Development Manager
-Have a European diploma certifying 120 ECTS credits (with a possibility to follow upgrading modules in international trade)
-Be an export assistant for 3 years at least
-As part of a validation of prior experience for professionals eligible to this programme

Duration of the programme

From September to mid-July (internship contract) or end of August (professionalisation contract)


La Salle Campus in Saint Etienne’s city centre


La Salle EMCI offers a 5th year post A-level programme of excellence in the international trade sector : the IDM 2 Manager of International Development. This specialisation  programme which is recognized by numerous companies for its quality teaching is carried out as an alternating course for a direct entry in the professional life.


Discover the timetable of students in IDM 2

  • Develop and manage an operational structure
  • Master management tools linked with international trade
  • Understand the global geopolitical context
  • Become a true added value for an employer
  • Know how to carry out an international development project

Acquire the competences necessary for a manager’s position :

  • Ability to step back so as to analyse and synthetise
  • Ability to moderate and motivate
  • Ability to understand the challenges of a manager
  • Ability to reach objectives in project mode
  • Understand the importance of theoretical knowledge to help in real business life.


  • A programme with 12 full months of alternating courses enabling to gradually enter the working life.
  • A teaching staff composed of experts of international trade
  • A programme recognized by professionals to become a qualified international manager
  • A year combining theoretical knowledge and concrete practice to specialise while in contact with the professional world
  • A network of alumni working in internationally present companies

Targeted occupations

  • International zone Manager
  • International development manager
  • International project manager
  • Manager of a subsidiary or office abroad
  • Export sales manager
  • International purchasing manager

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